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Customs in Australia FAQs

When sending a parcel to Australia, do customs apply?

Australia is one of the most strict countries worldwide for customs. 

Unfortunately, when sending a parcel down under, we have no control over charges which customer services of Australia wish to charge the parcel which is coming though the country. If such charges are imposed on the parcel to Australia, the recipient will be contacted and charged by customs. 
It is important to know that if you fail to pay for the parcel, then it will result in the parcel being held, returned or even destroyed. If we receive any duty or VAT charges billed to their account for these parcels will in turn be billed to you, the sender of the parcel to Australia, with a 10% admin charge added (minimum £10.00 VAT).

We send heavy parcels

  • We take parcels between 1kg and 500kg
  • No matter how awkward
  • Any shape or size
  • Enter details on Quick Quote system

Any problems? If for some reason our system displays that your parcel is outside of our shipping criteria, we can provide a quote over the phone at 020 8310 1362.

Where can you send to in Australia?

When it comes to sending a parcel to Australia, you can send anywhere. It is one of the vastest countries in the world. We can deliver parcels to anywhere from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane we will have your parcel delivered. 

What declaration for customs do I make?

Customs in Australia, as said, are strict. Make sure every thing you send it correct down to a tee. Meaning your contents and their value for example. If this isn't the case, they may be refused entry by Australian customs and are likely to be held, returned or destroyed. 

Will unaccompanied baggage cost me?

Some cases in Australia have seen packages which are deemed unaccompanied baggage incurring custom clearance charges of around $150.

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